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About Downloadable E-Files

When APH produces a braille or large print textbook, digital versions are made available for sale on Louis. 

    • APH Braille files (.brf) produced in Duxbury can be used directly by students with refreshable braille devices or other assistive technology.   
    • APH Quick Braille files produced in BrailleBlaster (.bbz or .bbx) can be used to assist APH and others in braille production.   
    • APH Large Print files, saved as PDF documents, can be used on iPads, laptops, and various accessible devices. The same great features are available: 18-point font, colors and images eliminated from behind text materials, clearer images, page or key word searching, and more.  
    • APH Braille Music Files

    Also included are older “pre-NIMAS” textbook files obtained from braille producers and publishers that are available in a variety of text and braille formats.  

    • Text files (produced in ASCII, RTF, Word and other tagged formats such as ICADD-22)  
    • Braille files sent by other agencies may be specifically for a certain Braille translator, such as Ed-It PC. Microbraille, etc.  
    • These files are not appropriate to distribute directly to the student. 
  • The e-files are available for download via the Louis Database. Anyone searching Louis will be able to see if a file is available for download. But, only Ex Officio Trustees and “authorized entities” (as defined under the 1996 Chafee Amendment) can become Registered Users entitled to log on and download files. To become a Registered User contact APH to obtain a unique username and password.