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APH Quick Braille

APH offers a free service to provide quickly produced braille files from NIMAS using BrailleBlaster. These files are automatically created when a new textbook order is placed, but a request can be made independently.

If a Trustee would like to obtain a free BrailleBlaster file from APH, follow the steps below:

  1. Check Louis or the NIMAC to see if the NIMAC has the file.
  2. Ask a NIMAC Authorized User for your state to assign APH the digital file.
  3. APH will notify you when the BrailleBlaster files are ready for download.
  4. Ask an approved Louis user to download the completed file for your student.

Once produced, the BrailleBlaster files will be available for download via Louis. If APH receives an order for the hard copy braille transcription, the BrailleBlaster file will be replaced with the BRF for the completed book once that is available. (BRF files for APH embossed braille books are available for $25, with tactile graphics packages sold separately.)

Are you ready for your FAST, FORMATTED, and FREE braille files? Request your BrailleBlaster file today!

Please contact brailletextbooks@aph.org or call 800-223-1839, Ext. 298.